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Campeche City

Best time to visit Campeche

Worried about tourists flocking or closing hours of Campeche while planning your trip?

The best time to visit Campeche would be a time when you can completely soak in the experience and not worry about such hassles. The weather of Campeche is favorable along with the best activities during this particular time in Campeche.

If you are thinking about when to go to Campeche then, come visit Campeche at the best time where you can make a memorable experience without having to worry about small issues.

Campeche Weather in January-February: An excellent season to visit Campeche, the average temperature falls around 77℉. The weather is great outdoors, the air being moderately humid. This is most likely one of the best times to visit Campeche and also a tourist high season. The average precipitation recorded around this time is 5.9 mm.

Campeche Weather in March-April: With average humidity of 71%, temperatures sway between 59℉ to 104℉.

Now, this may cause a little discomfort, but we are sure not to complain! This weather is perfect to go sightseeing around the city of Campeche. This time period sees an average precipitation of 7.02 mm.

Campeche Weather in May: Slightly humid climate with a lot of sunshine, that’s Campeche in the month of May.

The temperature is what you call hot and if you are looking for a tan, this is the time to get it! The temperature ranges between 73℉ and 104℉ with a humidity of 69%. The average precipitation recorded around this time is 12.2 mm.

Campeche Weather in June-December: The highest temperature recorded is 99℉ which would make you want to run to the nearest café to down a glass of chilled drink, but the moderate humidity of 83% makes this an excellent time to visit Campeche.

This time period sees an average precipitation of 64.49 mm.

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    Travel and discover Campeche City, the capital of the state of Campeche. Campeche is a colonial and one of the oldest cities in Mexico. Here you can find all tourist and historical information about Campeche City, places of interest, suggested excursions and recommended routes, and much more.

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